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Winning in Life

Some gems from Pastor Adam Burt this A.M.  Thank you for speaking these “words of life!” NEVER RETIRE: You never retire in God’s Kingdom.  You just get a new job…your mission remains the same.  The statistics on the number of people who actually use their retirement plan is small because they’re pushin’ up daisies too soon after to do so.  It’s because we’re intrinsically wired to do things…too long without doing something and you’re disengaging from life.  In the same way, when we retire, we are still doing God’s work THE PURPLE AVENGER: At a laser tag game, Pastor Adam was on a team with a 14-year old kid who jumped up on a stage, strapped on a purple headband, and started taking control of the team.  He told everyone what they were going to be doing, whether they were his age or 36 and as comical as it was, it worked, and by the end of the night, everyone was frantically asking, “What do I do, Avenger?!”  In the same way, Paul, while in prison, was still leading the apostles who were outside of the prison walls.  He sent apostles to Ephesus and other cities, told them to take his Bible, and was just still in God’s game.  Paul never retired. MIXED MARTIAL ARTS: While watching a certain MMA fight, Adam witnessed the pursuer became the pursued and the final win was sealed when one competitor ran up on the side of the cage and with a powerful kick, knocked his opponent out.  In the same way, we are told in I Peter that we are being hunted by Satan,  who is stalking us like a lion, hiding in the grass.  But we can overcome! THE NAVY SEALS: Pastor Adam goes to San Francisco to minister to the Navy Seals and realized that he would never want to do some of the things they do in training.  In one part of their training, they swim underwater until they pass out and then their dive partner will give them oxygen and when they come to consciousness, they’re on the boat.  In the same way, we have to do life with people like this.  We need “Lukes” who will be there when the times get tough. FACING YOUR FEARS: Once upon a time, a pre-pastor Adam asked Pastor Ron Lewis to be his mentor.  Adam expected that he was going to be following Ron around and soaking up great life lessons.  But Ron instead, forced Adam to do all this work he didn’t want to do.  Stricken with a fear for public speaking, Ron forced Adam to share his testimony before large groups of people!  And the one time Adam thought he was “off the hook,” Ron asked him to pray The Prayer for some new believers.  Adam said it was a sad display of the Sinner’s Prayer, but he’s so glad that he went through all of that.  And he’s an amazing speaker today! SPEAK LIFE & DESTINY: Someone (DL?) once told Pastor Adam that he was going to be an influencer and inspiration to masses.  As a young person, hearing this was life-changing and life-giving.  But it’s not just kids that need this.  Adults are hungry for words of life.  So speak life and destiny into people! WANTING HATERS: If you stand for God, you will have haters.  The Bible is offensive.  If you want everyone to love you, then just be the most agreeable person you can be.  But if you want to stand up for something, you will inevitably offend people.  And that’s a blessing…the concern exists when someone is too well-liked.  Adam had to choose to offend a very key player in his hockey career when he was told to put the Bible down to prevent offending someone.  As Adam looked around at some guys “reading” “picture magazines,” he realized that he would have to choose what he wanted to stand for.  Luckily Adam did not get traded for his conviction, and God traded that man instead! My recap does Pastor Adam’s messages no justice, as his strength is in his enthusiasm and talent of story-telling.  Please check this sermon out when it comes out on podcast or just come to an MSNY service to get a front row seat!