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The Planting of the Lord: Are you Getting Enough Son?

No, I did not misspell Son ūüėČ As offspring of the Lord, we can never stop growing and I’m [hopefully] about to blow you away with this analogy [between us and plants] that our pastor Jim Laffoon blew me away with several Sundays ago.¬† I took and will relay my notes verbatim, so some of this will read as if Jim is speaking directly to you. YOUR ROOT “Cursed is the one who trusts in man. ¬†Blessed is the one whose confidence is in Him.”¬† Jeremiah 17:5,7 In order to grow from seedlings to oak trees, our root must¬†be not just in the people of God but in God Himself. ¬†Many of you have a withering because you are looking to the people to give you what God should be giving you. Then there are things that¬†people can do that God can’t…you need both. What I got from this is that many Christians become very dependent on the church for their spiritual walk, but that begins with your relationship with God and the church remains vital to provide community and apparently, the things that even God needs His people to provide for one another! ARE YOU GETTING SONLIGHT? Just like plants need sunlight we need sonlight – the darker your workplace is the more light you need. ¬†Malachi 4:2 SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) applies to spirituality. ¬†Sometimes, you have to just sit in the light. ¬†You can train your soul to experience His presence everywhere. I absolutely adore this analogy. ¬†I imagine that in prayer, we are essentially basking in the Sunlight (sidenote: my auto-correct won’t leave that word alone lol). ¬†Literally with faces upturned and hands open, receiving this essential nourishment to our spirit. ¬†I feel like I can actually feel His Sonlight and I love to bask in it! ARE YOU DRINKING? Jesus is the Living Water. Drinking from the Living Water. ¬†I don’t have any notes for this, but the Living Water ties in very well with the plant analogy and I appreciate this perfect parallel. ¬†To me, this emphasizes the need to bask¬†in the Sonlight and spend time wth Jesus. The SATURATION Rain, river, reservoir – Living Water needs to be drunken once a week. ARE YOU FEEDING? Sustenance: Speaking the Word, listening to the Word – we are in God’s body. ¬†We can feed on God through each other. ¬†“The cool thing about Christian friends, you share gifts with one another.” ¬†-Jim Laffoon Plants need food and we need food and Jesus said, “take my body and partake of it” ¬†The Word of God is also referred to as¬†food. ¬†Give us this day our daily bread, with bread being the Word of God. ¬†And so this emphasizes the importance, to me, of staying in God’s Word. And so, in conclusion, we can think of ourselves as plants. ¬†And as plants of the Lord, we must be rooted in God and His People, we must be receiving Sonlight, we must be drinking Living Water weekly, and we must be feeding on the Word. ¬†Amazing! ¬†God’s messages are everywhere, if we will just have eyes to see His stories, lessons, and miracles! ¬†Thank you Jim, for your incredible gift of speaking God’s Word, through your messages and prophecies. ¬†You are one incredible contribution to our community, this world, and the Kingdom. Let’s go, my fellow seedlings, let’s gooo and Grooow!