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Rinse Immediately After Soiled – your blender and your heart

Do you juice?  Do you make smoothies?  In today’s hyper-aware health and fitness culture, I would imagine this question would land amidst a familiar audience.  If this is the case, as I hope so, then you must have experienced the difference between washing your juicer/blender immediately after using it as opposed to even an hour later?  Astounding, no?!  I make these thick chocolate breakfast shakes  (Shakeology, to be specific – I recommend it – you get the veggie requirement for the day right there!)
seriously, this is what I drink every morning…the.whole.damn.thing. nom!
But anyways, where was I?  Oh yes, so when my smoothie is finished, the blender has a chocolate film all along the inside.  It looks properly used and soiled and one might be tempted to put off the task of washing it or deem this a job for the dishwasher.  Yet, thrusting it under the faucet just for a moment will reveal just how quickly the film will rinse clear off the glass surface, revealing nothing but sparkling glass once again!  If I discipline myself to do this rinse within a five minute window of having used the blender, I’ll never even have to reach for soap or a scrub.  And with minimal water and effort, my blender can be used daily, just like that, without ever having to see the dishwasher.  What does this require?  1) I have to know that this is possible 2) I have to discipline myself, even with this knowledge, to get in action during the window of opportunity 3) I have to rinse and repeat. “If we confess our sin, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” -1John 1:9 Produce fruit in keeping with repentance” -Matthew 3:8true_repentance Offenses and sin weigh us down and soil us.  But here’s the good news: Forgiveness is guaranteed and immediate.  In the midst of sin, turn away immediately, and repent.  I have found myself in moments where I am consciously plucking myself out of sin, simultaneously repenting and removing myself – physically and spiritually, from the sin.  At times, there is a blur between what comes first: the discipline, the repentance, or the renewal – they simply work in harmony to save you. So the morale of the story?  Rinse daily before you have to take out the big guns and do the heavy washing or break out the dishwasher for the weekly wash.  Just a gentle rinse will cleanse if done immediately and daily.  And before long, it will become reflexive.  Your communion with God will remain clear and open, without debris clogging your heart and walk. Rock on, loves!  muah xoxo