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God is still providing us with Daily Manna

Hi guys! This podcast from Michael Hyatt, which I was listening while running on Tuesday, took on new meaning while I was speaking with a friend last night at dinner. In the podcast, Michelle is being interviewed by Michael (which is a role reversal!) about her life’s huge curveballs in the form of cancer and adopting three children! The huge takeaway from this for me, which only took on meaning for me two days later, was that God provides enough manna for the day…and that’s all we need. While Michelle was struggling with her cancer diagnosis, she realized that God got her through it day by day for four years and will continue to do so.  Naturally, she wanted more than just one day’s worth of provision. She wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel already. She wanted complete healing already. She wanted victory over it already. But just like in the Bible, when the Israelites greedily attempted to collect more than what God intended for them to collect for the day (just a day’s worth of sustenance), the rest of it would rot. They needed to trust that God would sustain them the following day all over again. And He did. I realized yesterday that I am in a rush for certain things in my life. But God is growing and preparing me. My foundation is being solidified so that when I expand, I won’t collapse. My friend asked me, “Do you want to grow too fast and then collapse or not be able to handle the growth?” He gave me the example of the Freedom Towers’ construction and how long the laying of the foundation took compared to the building of the rest of the towers. I realized that a slow steady construction is preferable because the subsequent growth will be lasting and sustainable. And so, I will stop looking for the final result to happen today. I will trust that whatever God provides for me today is what I’m supposed to consume and that bit by bit, day by day, promise by promise, I will get to the Promised Land! Can you be grateful to God for giving you manna to conduct your business today, execute your exercise and diet today, pay for things today, extend grace, patience, and joy today? Can you be at peace with one day’s worth of provision rather than attempting to collect for the future? It’s terrifyingly freeing! Amen! PS: Listen and subscribe to the podcast if you want!

Do you have oil in your lamp?

Allow the oil of God to flood into the lamp of your spirit.

In relevance to the events of Hurricane Sandy and being entrenched in darkness, as many were without electricity, even still, Jim Lafoon visited msny yesterday to prophesy over us.  I say prophesy because he doesn’t preach or speak…he tells us exactly what he’s hearing from God…and he hears. from. God.  He’s been gifted with the gift of prophesy, for sure, but after listening to him yesterday, I realize that he works hard with his gift as well.  His words were all beautiful, and he continually addresses the congregation as “my beloved” throughout his talk…it’s so unusual, but is rolls off his tongue quite well!  I was riveted to Mr. Lafoon, only glancing away long enough to jot notes down on my phone.  Here is what I caught for us!
  • We all pray to “be the light,” right?   Well, here’s the “stinking thing” about “being the light:” in order for the light to shine, it has be dark!  Light works best in the dark!  So, remember when you’re asking for miracles and being lights, that these things require dire circumstances in order to happen!
  • Sometimes, the greatest thing is to have the world suffer and you suffer along so that the world can witness God’s deliverance through you.  Your crisis is a setup for a miracle.  So, we can thank God for the privilege of shining in the dark.
  •  With that said, you need oil in your lamp in order to be the light.  Jim says, “No matter how dark it gets around me, I’m never dark on the inside.  I stay well-oiled so that when darkness comes, I’m lit on the inside.”  Too often, we rely on our own analysis and carnal minds during hard times.  Trust in the name of God; keep oil in your spirit.  You never have to be blind; walk in the light of the spirit
  • However, it took Jim years to be able to hear God.  How can we do it?  He says to read the Bible daily.  And as a practical tip, Jim says to try different ways of reading it: out loud, by taking notes, by taking notes w/ your non-dominant hand.  It’s just all about engaging yourself in the Word. every. day.
  • Then he says to get quiet and allow the Word to work in you, allow His spirit to work in you.  Practically, you can read the Word, then pray and stay quiet or play a worship song and then get quiet.  He says that even if you feel like you didn’t read well, the Word can still get in.
  • He talks about building your spirit now: put oil in your lamp while it’s still light be sons and daughters ready for when the dark times come.  Because trying to put oil in when it’s dark is like trying to build a bomb shelter when the bombs are falling!
  • He talks about remembering it’s not about your strength/talents/abilities.  If you only work to the point of your ability, you’ll never accomplish what God has for you.
  • Spend time with God, worshipping, spending time in His presence.  Then let your light shine before men.
  • Allow the oil of God to flood into the lamp of your spirit.
Thank you Jim Lafoon.