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Let me tell you the “Sierra Trading Post” Story.

This is one that keynote speeches are made from ya’ll, so kick back and prepare to be inspired!  So, it’s all self-explanatory in the screen shot here, but I’ll just get you up to speed before you dive in.  I went to the Himalayas in August to trek and volunteer at a school.  I needed a TON of gear…everything from UV-protecting, sweat-wicking, insect-repelling shirts to energy bars.  I came back with some items to return, both in-store and online.  One of the sites that I purchased from was Sierra Trading Post.  I did not know it at the time, but during my trip, learned that Sierra Trading Post is actually a Christian company!  A Christian outdoor/camping gear online retailer?!  How does that work, exactly?  I was intrigued, impressed, and interested.  This little nugget of information made its was back to me while I was chatting w/ customer support about their returns process, which, true to form, is extremely gracious!  So, please read below to see how God turned a typical customer support call into a REAL conversation…I think you’ll find it amusing!
My chat window w/ Sierra Trading Post Customer Support
                                                  So, I wasn’t able to capture the next few lines of conversation, during which I explain the method behind my madness, that I have a similar mission here in NY w/ Actors InC.  The rep then offered to “forward my comments onto his supervisor for further review” (doncha just love their professionalism!) and I played along, exclaiming, “Sure, connect me with the owner!” Well, be careful what you wish for!  Yesterday (about a week later,) I received an e-mail from the founder/owner of Sierra Trading Post.  Here are some excerpts from Mr. Keith Richardson! “Dear Jeanette:  Thank you for the nice compliments you shared with Sierra Trading Post.   It means a lot to me when a customer takes the time to let us know that they appreciate our company.  I really appreciate it when a fellow believer writes to me.  If you haven’t done so, I invite you to check out the Founder’s story.   It gives the rationale behind my business philosophy…Best regards, Keith Richardson, President, Sierra Trading Post” I was stunned.  A simple customer service chat had led to this.  I think that this story speaks for itself because I can’t even begin to break it down.  Be bold.  Take chances.  Speak your mind and do so respectfully.  Be proud of your faith and let it speckle your conversations as you so feel called to.  Think big because God is supernatural, meaning he goes beyond what our natural minds might conceive.  ie: I may be thinking “this is a fun customer service chat conversation.”  God may be thinking, “I’m going to have Jeanette and Keith meet each other.”  This is the type of story that you cannot deny God is a part of. And, so, as Francis Chan talks about in his book, Forgotten God, take chances!  Chan says, “I love to put myself in situations in which I know that without God, I’ll be screwed.”  He acknowledges that such may be strong language for a pastor, but that best expresses how he feels!  And do you know why he loves this?  Because he wants to be able to say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God was a part of that situation.  He wants his life to be a time line chock full of accounts in which God swooped in and worked miracles, moved mountains, and created breakthroughs. A life full of amazing stories that can only be justified by the hand of God?  I want that too.  Don’t you?!  Go get it!