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A Night Of Hope w/ Joel Osteen

JoelOsteen2This is a long overdue post – a write-up from an event that I attended this past summer – a latergram, if you will…haha!  Over the summer, I attended Joel Osteen’s “Night of Hope” at Yankee Stadium.  My church, Every Nation NYC, is a supporter of Joel, and because of this event, I became familiar with his sermons, books, and message…of hope!  I’m a fan – and took copious notes as he spoke to us that night at Yankee Stadium.  Here is what I managed to capture from the night.  Keep in mind that these are in note-taking format – just phrases and bullet-points, but powerful and straight from God’s mouth to Joel’s ears to these notes!
  • Start each day with faith.  Say, “Thank you for another day, Lord!”  The right perspective sets you up for a positive day.
  • Your tape – many psychologists call it an internal dialogue – if it’s negative, you’ll never get to your potential
  • Start each day fresh.  Forgive people from yesterday, forgive the mistakes from yesterday, forgive yourself.
  • God can use anybody and any situation.  Abraham was old, Moses stuttered, Thomas doubted, Mariam gossiped, Zaccheaus was short, Lazarus was dead.  What’s your excuse?!  (this last one got a good laugh from the audience ;))
  • When Joel’s mom was sick and given only weeks to live, she posted up pictures all over her house of herself – getting married, riding horses, being healthy and happy.  At that time, looking in the mirror gave her a vision of death, so she put up the pictures of life.  So see yourself accomplishing your dreams – use the power of vision.
  • Sometimes, God will take you away from the fire but sometimes, God will make you fireproof and take you through the fire.  His hedge of protection is that he’s made you fireproof.  All that will burn off are your limitations.
  • Quit worrying about what isn’t; it wasn’t meant to be.
  • Praise precedes the victory
  • It’s easy to have a good attitude when you’re on the mountaintop
  • Shout before the walls come down
  • Your darkest hour can be your brightest hour
JoelOsteen5Story of his father passing
  • Joel shared about his father passing and how devastating it was for him to lose his father and for the church to lose their pastor.  Joel never wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, but he was thrust into the role and found himself carrying out his father’s dreams of expanding the church until they now occupy the Compaq center in Texas!
  • God’s dream for your life is so much bigger
  • Call out the seeds of greatness
  • Re: the Word-I am what it says I am, I can do what it says I can do
JoelOsteen3 Manure in fertilizer
  • The things that stink in your life, the stinky stuff, works for you.  You can’t get through life without fertilizer.  God wouldn’t have allowed it if it wasn’t meant to be used for your advantage.  The more stink, the more fertilizer.  Quit complaining about the fertilizer.  Remember it is fertilizer, it can propel you into your destiny.  There’s promotion in that stink.  Embrace the stink.  If you’ve had a lot of stink, it means God has a huge destiny for you.  Think of the difficult people as fertilizer for you.
  • Why are some victors and others victims?
  • Don’t just go through it, grow through it
  • Winning is in your DNA
  • Ditch to prison all the way to the palace.  You’re destined to live in the palace.  These aren’t the ends-don’t get comfortable in the pit, get your fire back.  Your story ends in the palace.
  • David used the sword of Goliath to defeat Saul, the same exact swords that were meant to defeat you, you will use towards victory.
  • Rummaging through garbage for hours.  God can make music out of trash.  He can take the very thing meant to defeat you and use it to promote you.  The injustice, trash, mistakes, stink, etc will be used.
I do wish that I could elaborate on more of this, but all I’ve got are these notes and pictures of myself at the event 😉  These are all words of life, however, and great reminders for all of us.  I hope you got somethin’ out of it and I’d certainly recommend attending 2015’s Night of Hope!JoelOsteen6

Do you know your Love Language?

Are you speaking the same love language as your loved one?
Are you speaking the same love language as your loved one?
COULD YOU BE MISCOMMUNICATING YOUR LOVE? Isn’t it hard to communicate effectively with someone who speaks a different language?  The effectiveness of people communicating in two different languages to each other is not much.  Additionally, it’s usual laborious at best and excruciating at worst.  Now imagine if this was characteristic of the communication between you and your loved one!  It’s true – you may be communicating your love to your partner in a way that he/she is not receiving it and vice versa!  Your love language is the form through which you give and receive love.
the 5 love languages - which is yours?
the 5 love languages – which is yours?
LEARN YOUR LOVE LANGUAGE Gary Chapman has created the concept of there being 5 categories of love languages:
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
You may have a hunch as to what your love language is.  Some clues into your love language are what you find yourself doing most often for people as well as what you find yourself most often complaining for not having gotten.  (i.e.: If you’re always thinking about souvenirs for loved ones at some point in your trip or asking loved ones why they didn’t get you anything from their trip, your love language might be “gifts!”)  Take a guess as to what your primary and secondary love languages and take this 30-question  quiz to learn this valuable information about yourself! http://5lovelanguages.com  
the 5 Love Languages Book
the 5 Love Languages Book
REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES FROM THE BOOK: I would recommend picking up a copy of his book as well because there are just stunning examples after real-life staggering examples of the power of the love languages in action.  For example, Chapman worked with a couple who never fought, who didn’t have financial problems, but who simply “did not feel the love anymore.”  In actuality, the man and woman still loved each other, they just had been expressing it on their own languages rather than each other’s and so, they had essentially gone on for years without feeling loved! The husband’s love language was “Acts of Service,” and so, he was working hard at work, then coming home and fixing dinner and washing the dishes and doing the household chores.  The wife’s love language was “Quality Time,” and so while he was busy working, she was just waiting to be shown some attention and catch some quality time with him.  The effect of this was that the husband didn’t feel like his love was being appreciated and the wife like she wasn’t being loved at all! Once they learned each other’s love languages, the husband was free to do less chores and sit down with his wife and voila!, she felt loved and in turn started to show more affection for him and they filled each other’s love tanks and were happy and humming along again! PLAY THE LOVE-TANK GAME: Gary Chapman may have coined the phrase “the love tank,” but regardless, it’s a fantastic visual of how loved we feel.  The relationships in which both parties feel loved are more durable and fulfilling.  It is when love tanks are running on or close to empty that we are prone to bickering and fighting.  We are already in a state of resentment and bitterness and waiting to be set off.  We don’t have the confidence in our partner’s love to stave of the urge to lash out at one another.  Thus lies the importance of keeping each other’s love tanks full.  Don’t assume that simple saying “I love you,” is enough.  You must discover your loved ones love language in order to ensure that they are receiving what you’re expressing. Playing the game means simply asking one another, “How full is your love tank, on a scale from 1-10?”  Any answer less than 10 should then be followed up with the question, “How can I fill it?”  And everything given in response is information for you to implement and start filling your partner’s love tank with! holding-handsMY CHALLENGE TO YOU: So, I challenge you to take a moment to speculate about your love language and your partner’s love language.  Then go ahead and take the quiz.  This is information about yourself that will open your eyes about yourself and allow you to have more power in your relationships from here on out.  I’d love for you to pick up the book, of course, because in no way have I covered the breadth of it in this blog.  There is a love language book for: children, singles, etc…so there is no excuse to not get one!  But if nothing else, simply after knowing your love language, play the love tank game with your loved one on a weekly or at least regular basis.  It’s housekeeping on your relationship and the more often you do it, the less often you’ll have to do it.  And one day, you and your partner will simply being running around with love tanks on 10 everyday!

march madness…at church

At church yesterday, the message opened up with the opening song of a football game.  Of course, Pastor Adam had something up his sleeve again!  He had invited some of his “friends:” football players Kenyon Coleman of the Cowboys and Ryan Neill of the Rams, to come share their stories with our church.  I was captivated by these men standing just several hundred feet from me, who had succeeded against incredible odds, as they testified about God’s role in their life and victory. Kenyon Coleman towered at 6’10”, 310 lbs, and 31 years.  He boasted 9 years in the league, 7 years in his marriage, and 3 kids and a beautiful wife in his family.  He spoke about the “epidemic” plaguing our nation today: this obsession with “making a name for ourselves.”  Everyone from the reality stars of “Jersey Shore” to kid with no sort of musical legitimacy who wants to be a music producer, is chasing after making their names “known.”  But this epidemic is nothing new.  In Genesis 11, the Babylonians wanted to build a tower that reached the heavens and said, “Let us make a name for ourselves.”  Kenyon said, “God is more devoted to your dream than you are.  But he doesn’t want you to love the dream.  He wants you to love the Dreammaker.”

Reject Isolation.

(inspired by Pastor George) What are you devoted to?  A lot of us can name devotions to small things, I’m sure…coffee every morning, only flying American Airlines, catching Monday night episodes of “How I Met Your Mother.” Well, what about committing yourself to “rejecting isolation?”  Hollywood glorifies the idea of “being self-sufficient.”  Think about Jason Bourne who took on the CIA, Liam Neeson (“Taken”) who took on everybody, Batman who so famously whispered, “I work alone.”  There are 8 million people in NYC, but Mark Twain said called NYC, “a splendid desert—a domed and steepled solitude, where the stranger is lonely in the midst of a million of his race.”  Sometimes you just wanna go “where everybody knows your name.” So, Reject Isolation! the Bible says “two are better than one.  Someone who falls alone is in deep trouble…” God made us to be relational people.  In “the Band of Brothers,” it was taught that you never leave a wounded soldier behind.  Similarly, on days when we don’t feel like getting up in the morning, call on someone for encouragement.  On days when you feel alone, it’s our responsibility to reach out.  Our brothers will not leave us behind.  We must spur and provoke one another. Your small group or any other community that you are in is not there only for you to benefit from, but it is also there for others to benefit from you.  MSNY hosts Game Nights and Dessert Nights because of the fellowship that ensues from it.  When you share a meal with someone, how much better is it than the meal that is eaten alone?